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Fwd: Belated Coast Report

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  • chaniot@pacific.net
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2007
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      >From: "Matthew Matthiessen" <MatthiMA@...>
      >To: <Mendobirds@yahoogroups.com>
      >Subject: Belated Coastal Report

      >Greetings Mendobirders,
      >Sorry for the lateness of this report. Over Memorial Weekend Larry
      >Siemens, Stan Snyder, Floyd Hayes, Paul Hawks, Myron Widmer, and I birded
      >the Mendo coast with moderate success. On Friday (May 25) we had a late
      >WANDERING TATTLER in alternate plumage at Mendocino Headlands. Sat
      >morning (May 26) there was a fly-by HORNED PUFFIN from Laguna Point. On
      >the south side of Lake Cleone there was a BULLOCK'S ORIOLE pair and at
      >Caspar Cemetery there were RED CROSSBILLS. Sat afternoon produced a pair
      >of late RED-NECKED GREBES just off Navarro Beach. Sat night there was a
      >single COMMON NIGHTHAWK calling on Road K just off of Albion Ridge Rd at
      >Sunday morning (May 27) there was an AMERICAN BITTERN at Hunters Lagoon
      >and a GLAUCOUS GULL at Point Arena Harbor. At Maguire Hill Pond there
      >The highlight Sun afternoon was RED-NECKED and RED PHALAROPES feeding
      >together on a mud-bar in Ten Mile River just east of the bridge.
      >Monday morning (May 28) at Van Damme there was a WESTERN TANAGER at the
      >lower campground and a family of GRAY JAYS at the upper campground. At
      >Caspar Cemetery there were several PURPLE MARTINS stealing twigs from an
      >Osprey nest.
      >The most striking thing about the weekend was the number of phalaropes
      >(both red and red-necked). I've never seen this many phalaropes in the
      >spring along the Mendo coast before. From shore they could easily be seen
      >migrating in numbers over the ocean but they were also on Lake Cleone, the
      >Westport Sewage Ponds, Ten Mile River, and small tidepools at Glass and
      >Virgin Creek Beaches.
      >Good Birding.
      >Matthew Matthiessen
      >Ukiah, MEN, CA
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