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Re: [CALBIRDS] Birders in Ukiah, lake mendocino area

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  • B. Acord
    Hi Lynne, I m sure you already got this info from the local bird nerds in your area, but just in case, here s some info. Since you have a Yahoo account, sign
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      Hi Lynne,
      I'm sure you already got this info from the local bird nerds in your area,
      but just in case, here's some info. Since you have a Yahoo account, sign up
      for mendobirds@yahoo groups (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Mendobirds/).
      Typically, posts to Calbirds are of state importance, whereas posts to
      regional groups are unique to a local area, but may not be of interest to
      others elsewhere. Also, join up with Peregrine Audubon Society chapter (
      http://www.peregrineaudubon.org/) serving your area, and the Medo Coast
      Audubon Society (http://www.mcn.org/j/audubon/index.html) which is just over
      the mountains. Any and all these folks will totally get you hooked up with
      the regularly occurring and totally rare birds down there.

      When you check out the Peregrine A.S. website notice that there are some
      photo credits to Ron LeValley; follow the link to his photo site. Ron's been
      hanging out a lot down in Mendo Co, but he is the head biologist at Mad
      River Biologists up here in Arcata (Hum Co). He's a great bird photographer
      and you can probably bend his ear a little at one of the Audubon meetings.
      I'm pretty sure he uses a very expensive Cannon. If you have a decent
      digital camera and a spotting scope, you can try what's getting very
      popular: digiscoping. Google "digiscoping" and you'll get a ton hits.
      Basically, you just hold up your point and shoot to the scopes ocular lens a
      take a picture through the scope; the scope acts as a super telephoto lens.
      I've done the same thing with binoculars to get close, but a wider field of

      One of the best places to bird in Ukiah is the STP (sewage treatment plant)
      on the far south end of town (

      After you park (and register?), I think you need to head south across the
      parking lot to a trail head (maybe with a sign board) and then follow the
      trail (dirt road) out to the east and toward (and along) some ponds. The
      ones in the back turn up some great birds. The water level affects what
      birds are where. I've only birded here a couple of times, but when I have
      the time while passing through Ukiah, I make the effort to stop. There's
      also a loop that people do in Redwood Valley, but I'm not sure what it is.
      Email MedoBirds.

      Hope this helps!
      Good birding,
      Arcata, CA

      On 3/7/07, lakshmikary <lakshmikary@...> wrote:
      > Hi im new to this group, i live in redwood valley and would like to
      > know where there is a bird watching club or group of people who meet in
      > my area. Ukiah, Willits, Lake Mendocino, Hopland etc -And/or looking
      > for birdwatching friends in this area.
      > Also , i would like to beable to take good photographs of birds and
      > would appreciate anyones advice on what Id need to get for a reasonable
      > price and where.
      > You can write me privately
      > Lynne Kary
      > lynneakary@... <lynneakary%40hotmail.com>
      > Redwood Valley,
      > CAL.

      Brian Acord
      Graduate Research Assistant
      Humboldt State University, Wildlife
      Arcata, Humboldt County, California
      humbirds ~AT~ gmail.com

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