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"Birds of Uganda" with Matthew Matthiessen

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  • Kate Marianchild
    Peregrine Audubon Presents Matthew Matthiessen’s “Birds of Uganda” by Kate Marianchild Calling all lovers of African wildlife! Matthew Matthiessen,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2006
      Peregrine Audubon Presents
      Matthew Matthiessen�s �Birds of Uganda�
      by Kate Marianchild

      Calling all lovers of African wildlife! Matthew Matthiessen, creator of
      last year�s popular �Birds of Borneo� slideshow, will present �Birds of
      Uganda� on Thursday, January 19 at the City Council Chambers in the
      Ukiah Civic Center, 7 p.m. While Matthiessen�s primary interest is
      birds, he couldn�t resist photographing lots of other animals on last
      August�s trip, including Mountain Gorillas, lions, giraffes, zebras,
      waterbuck, buffalo, hippos, monkeys, warthogs, and many more. If
      Matthiessen's previous shows are any indication, this 250-slide
      presentation is likely to be snappy, entertaining, and rich in
      gorgeous, high-quality images. Peregrine Audubon welcomes everyone to
      this horizon-expanding adventure. Please see directions below.

      Three highlights of Matthiessen�s trip to Uganda in August of 2005 were
      the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, where he saw a family of mountain
      gorillas; the Nile River, with its numerous birds and the famous
      Murchison Falls; and the 10-12,000 foot volcanoes that dot the
      landscape of the extreme southern part of Uganda. He spent most of his
      time in a region called the Albertine Rift, an area 500 miles long and
      100 miles wide characterized by grasslands and volcanoes. Most of the
      endemic birds he saw on his trip were in the Albertine Rift.
      (�Endemic� refers to species not found anywhere else in the world).

      We will view images of birds that few people in the world have ever
      seen, such as the Green-breasted Pitta and the Brauer�s Broadbill.
      These birds are secretive and have very restricted ranges, but by
      virtue of educated and persistent searching, with a bit of luck thrown
      in, Matthiessen was able to find and photograph them. His favorite bird
      on the trip was the African Shoebill, an elusive stork whose bill is
      shaped like a shoe. Sunbirds, Bee-Eaters, Weavers, and Cisticolas are
      but a few of the other species that will round out this colorful
      presentation. Come take a break from the winter cold and rain and warm
      yourself with the sights, and possibly sounds, of Africa!

      To get to the Ukiah Civic Center take Perkins Street west to State
      Street (second light). Go left on State and right on Seminary Ave to
      the end.

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