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Photo and article re Xmas Bird Count (New Slideshow and Team Sign-ups)

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  • Kate Marianchild
    Dear Friends, Please see the article that follows this incredible shot that Matthew Matthiessen got during the last Christmas Bird Count. Mendobirders, you
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2005
      Dear Friends,

      Please see the article that follows this incredible shot that Matthew
      Matthiessen got during the last Christmas Bird Count. Mendobirders, you
      can't receive photos, so f you want to receive photos, please email me
      and I will put you on a separate email list.

      As we've been having trouble getting articles and photos published in
      the paper, we are hoping for help from all of you in publicizing
      Peregrine Audubon events. Please send this on to your friends. If you
      create a group in your address book for Peregrine emailings it will
      take less time in the future, of course. Thanks! Kate


      Christmas Bird Count:
      New Slideshow and Team Sign-ups

      Peregrine Audubon�s new slideshow depicting local birds will be
      presented by Matthew Matthiessen and Ollie Kolkmann on Thursday,
      December 8, in preparation for the December 17 Christmas Bird Count
      (CBC). The presentation will be at 7 p.m. in the Ukiah City Council
      Chambers (please see directions below). This will be the time for
      anyone interested in participating in the CBC to sign on to a team. All
      are welcome to come enjoy photographs of Golden Eagles, Peregrine
      Falcons, Yellow-Rumped Warblers, Mountain Quail, White-tail Kites, and
      many more local birds. Please come to the slide presentation even if
      you do not intend to participate in the Christmas Bird Count. Beginners
      are welcome on the CBC.
      Matthiessen has spent the last year photographing local birds with a
      digital camera for just this purpose, and hopes the new slideshow will
      be entertaining as well as educational. The slideshow will consist of
      about 120 slides of more than 80 species. As everyone knows who saw his
      spectacular Birds of Borneo presentation, he is both an excellent
      photographer and a fun, animated speaker. (He will also be giving a
      Birds of Uganda presentation on January 19, 2006).
      Ollie Kolkmann, who has single-handedly delivered this Christmas
      Bird Count slideshow for the last 15 some years, is grateful for
      Matthiessen�s assistance this year. Kolkmann is the �birder emeritus�
      of inland Mendocino County, having begun learning the field marks and
      habits of birds in this area long before any other current members of
      Peregrine Audubon. Kolkmann is particularly known for his excellent
      ear, which enables him to recognize a bird by its call or song. Once he
      identifies a bird by sound he often knows where to zero in on it
      The Christmas Bird Count takes place for a 24-hour period across
      much of North and Central America during the Christmas season. Every
      participating community divides a 15-mile radius circle into sections,
      and enthusiastic bird watchers sign up to count birds under the
      direction of a section leader. While the �count day� lasts for 24
      hours, most people count for 6-8 hours or less, according to their
      energy and other commitments. Some really gung-ho birders get up in the
      wee hours of the morning to find owls and other nocturnal birds, and
      some go out again after dark. The results of the Count contribute to an
      understanding of increases and declines in bird populations in the
      northern hemisphere.
      Ukiah Audubon approaches this event in a spirit of friendly
      competition with Lake County� Redbud Audubon Society (they always
      win!). Members of Mendocino Coast Audubon and some Bay Area birders
      come to help us, as their Counts are on different days. Perhaps you
      could help too! Please join us! If you would like to participate but
      can�t make the December 8 slide presentation, where people sign up for
      teams, please contact Bob Keiffer at 744-1160 or Alan Falleri at
      Directions to Ukiah City Council Chambers: from Hwy 101: take
      Perkins St. east to North State St.; turn left and head south; take the
      third right (Seminary Ave) and go to the end.

      Juvenile Cooper's Hawk Photo by Matthew Matthiessen

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