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Re: [Mendobirds] migrating geese flocks

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  • Dave & Cathy Ortiz
    During the weekend I also heard & witnessed two sets of geese traveling in a southeastern direction above our place on Pine Mountain. I don t know which
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      During the weekend I also heard & witnessed two sets of geese traveling in a southeastern direction above our place on Pine Mountain. I don't know which species they were.

      Today, I got in a very small Canada Goose, subspecies minima. It was found a couple of days ago from the Spy Rock Road area north of Laytonville. This little goose is extremely emaciated. I doubt that it will survive.

      I understand they breed from western Alaska east to the Yukon and that "Cackling Goose" is another name used for this little species.


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      15-16 October 2005 On Saturday I heard above a flight of geese (not
      Canadas) very high above the clouds above Vichy Springs area. On Sunday I
      heard then saw a "V" of about 60 geese, either Snow's or Greater
      White-fronted Geese" flying high over Hopland from West to East. The
      storm system that is hitting Western Canada, Washington and Oregon is
      probably responsible for moving the geese south. Good birding. Bob Keiffer

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