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RE: [Mendobirds] White-throated Swifts/Purple martins

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  • Barbara E. Dolan
    Bob Keiffer, et. al. Mendobirders, I followed up on the White-throated Swifts at the 15.08 mm at the Covelo-Dos Rios Bridge. At 2PM on 6-19-05 I had one right
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 20, 2005
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      Bob Keiffer, et. al.
      Mendobirders, I followed up on the White-throated Swifts at the 15.08 mm
      at the Covelo-Dos Rios Bridge. At 2PM on 6-19-05 I had one right away.
      I had flybys of a single bird about 4 Xs in the next hour . Then a
      second bird joined the flybys and at the south west direction the pair
      did some tumbling. It was thrilling to see them at this level at the
      river edge and at eye level. These black and white torpedos are
      awesome from this vantage point. You can appreciate the color contrast
      on the sides, their aerodynamic shape, and speed in flight. The last
      time I saw them was looking up only , and that was 1997 so this was a
      real treat.
      Bob, if you will ,add to my Mendo List. Thanks and good birding. Barbara
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      Friday - 10 June 2005 - today I conducted my Breeding Bird Survey on the
      Branscomb Road. There was nothing too exceptional... one
      Yellow-breasted Chat singing new the Red Rock Casino sign. The Purple
      Martins (minimum of four birds) are still nesting in the snags at mp
      0.52. Four more Purple martins were at the Juan Creek Bridge.

      Afterwards I ventured to Covelo to look for the Sage Thrasher with no
      luck. However, on the way in I stopped at the Dos Rios Covelo Road
      bridge and immediately heard White-throated Swifts. I watched up to
      five birds flying to and from the NE underside of the bridge ...maybe
      parents with fledglings? although they all looked the same in flight.
      This was about noon and I was able to watch them at eye level about 30
      feet away from the Poonkinney/Dos Rios road. Bob Keiffer

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