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Re: [Mendobirds] "AL" continued

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  • Jeff Davis
    Mention of Al in the journal Field Notes first appeared in the summer 1995 issue (vol. 49, p. 192): A hint that Laysan Albatrosses may be prospecting
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 10, 2005
      Mention of "Al" in the journal Field Notes first appeared in the summer 1995
      issue (vol. 49, p. 192):

      "A hint that Laysan Albatrosses may be prospecting California for nesting
      sites was the individual that regularly flew in to spend long periods of
      time in Pt. Arena Cove, Mendocino, Nov. 30-Mar. 5 [1994-1995] (M. Martin,
      m.ob.); a local boat skipper reported that it had been present since July!"

      Perhaps M. Martin is the out-of-state birder Jerry was thinking of.

      Jeff Davis
      Prather, CA

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      From: Jerry White
      To: Mendobirds@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2005 7:04 PM
      Subject: [Mendobirds] "AL" continued

      Thanks to Bob Keiffer for publishing the information on the famous Laysan
      Albatross. The details for this bird have needed to be clarified for a very
      long time.

      Bob's information is correct concerning the date I first saw Al. It was on
      Friday December 2nd of 1994. I heard on the Rare Bird Alert tape the day
      before that there was a Laysan Albatross seen at Pt. Arena Cove. Not
      believing that report a bit I went over anyway and to my surprise found the
      bird sitting on the water. On that day I called in a report to the Rare Bird
      Alert and also notified the local birders.

      I do believe? however that the person who called in the report was actually
      an out of state birder who was staying in Pt. Arena.I do not have his name
      in my notes.For many years I thought this unknown person was who first
      discovered the bird. It did seem clear on the tape that he had no prior
      knowledge of this bird when he found it.

      It was sometime later that I heard rumors that Todd and Jim had actually
      seen the bird in the same location (the year before?) and had also put it on
      the RBA tape. No one at that time picked up on that information apparently.

      It would be good if we could hear from Todd or Jim concerning the first date
      they found the bird so we can complete AL's history.

      Over the years while looking for or watching this bird I have met maybe 100
      different people, local and from all over the country.For most of these
      birders AL was there life Laysan Albatross. Jerry White

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