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RE: [CALBIRDS] Hum Co, Crested Caracara 9/4/04

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  • Ron LeValley
    Hi all, I want to respectfully disagree with Brian s assessment of this being a juvenile Caracara. The bird clearly had two generations of feathers, with old
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      Hi all,

      I want to respectfully disagree with Brian's assessment of this being a
      juvenile Caracara. The bird clearly had two generations of feathers, with
      old worn wing coverts being replaced by newer feathers, indicating an age of
      at least one year. Also, the legs were bright yellow, the face was bright
      orange/pink and the lower chest was barred and not streaked. I believe that
      this is an adult.

      Thanks for refinding it Brian, we all felt bad when Sean and Amber walked up
      as we saw the last dot of it disappearing to the north!

      Ron LeValley, Senior Biologist
      Fax 839-0867
      Mad River Biologists
      1497 Central Avenue
      McKinleyville, CA 95519

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      Subject: [CALBIRDS] Hum Co, Crested Caracara 9/4/04

      The juvenile CRESTED CARACARA found by Ron LeValley and company this
      morning (9/4) at around 9am was refound in the Arcata Bottoms at Mad River
      Rd & Miller Rd at around noon by Brian Acord in Humboldt County.

      The bird was originally found by Ron LeValley around 9am near the mouth of
      Jacoby Crk. He reported watching the bird fly northwest at 09:30. I found
      the bird in the Arcata Bottoms west of the intersection of Mad River Rd &
      Miller Rd perched on a fence post at noon. Rob Fowler showed up and
      photographed the bird through his scope just prior to the bird flying
      south west at about 12:50 and landing on another fence post, probably near
      Lanphere Rd.

      The bird appeared to be a juvenile based on the brownish color in the
      wings and buffy chest and neck. It had a distinct black cap and the facial
      skin was not bright red, but more a pale pink color. However, the long,
      non-banded legs were bright yellow.

      This may potentially be the same bird that was not publicly reported in
      Sonoma Co., that was seen by several folks on the Mendocino coast, and now
      is in Humboldt Co.

      ~Brian Acord
      Arcata, CA
      Brian Acord
      Graduate Research Assistant
      Department of Wildlife
      Humboldt State University
      Arcata, CA 95521
      (707) 826-3581

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