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96Snow Mt. birds Lake County

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  • Jerry White
    May 26, 2001
      On Friday there was a fly by Northern Goshawk at Summit Springs (the trailhead to the wilderness on the south side of Snow).
      On Friday night at about 10:30 there was a calling Flammulated Owl on road M10 about .9 miles from the intersection of M10 and the road to Summit Springs. There was a sign at this location:
      Bear Creek Upper Lake (on M10) and Blue Slides (a road off of M10). This is only the 3rd record that I am aware of for Lake. However I believe intensive owl surveys would turn this species up more often.
      During the night on Friday at Summit Springs there was a calling Poorwill.
      Today on a walk into the wilderness there were calling Hammond's Flycatchers in the Red Fir forest near Cedar Camp. Other species of note during a walk along part of the Milk Ranch trail were: White-headed Woodpeckers, Green-tailed Towhees, MacGillivray's Warblers, and Cassins Finch.
      On the walk out I found a Gray Flycatcher. This is the second record for the county. This bird was maybe 1 mile up the trail from the trailhead. There were 3 fir trees right along the trail (the first ones you would encounter on this montane chaparral hillside). I put a marker of stones and limbs at this location pointing in the direction where I found the bird.
      What is interesting is that the first record for the county (several years ago) was on Goat Mt.
      which is to the south and visible from Snow Mt. That bird was also recorded at the end of May.
      Jerry White

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