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873Anyone know if snow's off road up Boardman Ridge (Hull Mtn) road?

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  • one
    Apr 2 10:50 AM
      I've got a post-fire restoration to continue working on, up around 5000' on
      Boardman, and I'm 4 road hours away in Berkeley; lost a batch of
      birdhouses in the fire last September I hope to replace soon.

      Also I just read that it's the woodpeckers that bring in the fungi
      necessary for dead standing trees to rot out -- they carry it on their
      beaks! so they inoculate the live trees while debugging them, and when a
      tree dies it's primed to rot out and produce multiple cavities for
      nesting. Lacking enough snags up there I'm making boxes.

      So, if anyone gets up that road please let me know whether the snowbank on
      the north side in the big trees has either melted or been chewed through
      by the 4-wheelers. (I take my snowshovel and little old Toyota; once the
      4wd trucks get through, I can lower the high center between the ruts and
      follow them.)