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843Banded Common Loons

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  • csktbirds
    Mar 3, 2004
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      Dear Birders:

      The Montana Common Loon Working Group has begun a Common Loon banding
      operation in July 2003. Along with Fish & Wildlife Service bands,
      each individual has colored bands on each leg. The combination of
      colors, dots and stripes on each leg band identifies each bird. To
      aid us in learning more about the winter ecology and migration of
      Montana's breeding population, please report any sightings of these
      individuals to the addresses below.

      gbissell@... or loonmont@...

      Thank You for your cooperation
      Montana Common Loon Working Group

      Brett Gullett
      Wildlife Biologist
      Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes
      P.O. Box 278
      Pablo, MT 59855
      406-675-2700 ext.7292