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655Osprey Nest

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  • Jim Armstrong
    Jul 31, 2003
      Yesterday I spotted an Osprey nest that I can't believe I missed
      before. It is in the top of a high voltage pole right where Marina
      Drive turns off Highway 20 to go down to the north shore of Lake
      Mendocino. It is a big conglomeration of sticks and branches, some
      really close to the HT wires. It is also very close to the camera
      that Caltrans has on a tall pole to monitor their variable message
      sign. I got lucky with a phone call to the Caltrans Eureka office
      this morning and spoke to the guy in charge of the camera. He said
      they knew of the nest and saw activity there in the last week; he
      turned it on as we spoke and watched several still pictures
      (refreshed every 10 seconds), but nothing going on. The nest is
      easily observed from the parking area along Hwy 20, maybe 100 feet to
      the west. I'll try to find a spot to look down into the nest.
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