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6304Ralph Bucher: VASW West Coast Project

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  • Ralph Bucher
    Aug 11 10:00 AM

      Hello All

      There is an Audubon Project led by Larry Schwitters:

      Larry Schwitters [leschwitters@...]

      that counts the spring and fall VASW migration at

      various migratory roosts up and down the west coast.

      We are always looking for new sites, especially ones that

      are used consistently. Our website is www.vauxhappening.org.

      I’m responsible for Organizing Humboldt County.

      Ralph Bucher


      (707) 499-1247

      In the spring and fall I count a roost that has had as many as

      6000 VASW in one night. It’s an old Redwood Snag on the

      Kneeland Rd. We’ve counted as many as 65,000 VASW

      in the fall migration at the roost. If there is someone in the

      Leggett area that has an interest please go by the Leggett School at

      sundown and give a look to see if there is regular use of

      the site. If things work out I can pass on recording particulars

      and the website data entry form. A month ago we had

      about 50 VASW swarming at Freshwater school for a few days

      and then it died off.


      Ralph Bucher