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  • Floyd Hayes
    Aug 8, 2014
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      After posting our sightings from Clearlake and Borax Lake yesterday morning, we saw several other interesting birds on Clear Lake. At the north end of the lake we saw a female HOODED MERGANSER at Nice and a SOLITARY SANDPIPER on a muddy beach west of Rodman Slough (accessible only by boat). At Manning Creek (accessible only by boat) we found 5 WILLETS, a MARBLED GODWIT, a WILSON'S SNIPE and 3 WILSON'S PHALAROPES. At Rumsey Slough (accessible only by boat) we saw a LESSER YELLOWLEGS, 20 WILSON'S PHALAROPES and 7 RED-NECKED PHALAROPES. And at Kelsey Creek we found an additional 21 WILSON'S PHALAROPES but nothing else of interest. We wound up seeing 15 species of shorebirds for the day, including 240 Wilson's Phalaropes. I would have traded them all for a Snowy Plover.

      Floyd Hayes
      Angwin, CA