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  • Floyd Hayes
    Aug 6, 2014
      Yesterday (August 5) two students and I canoed 14.5 miles on Clear Lake while studying grebes. Our best sighting of the day was two MINK on the rock jetty at Lakeside County Park. I often see River Otters at Clear Lake, but this was the first time I'd seen Mink. We visited Kelsey Creek early in the morning, before it started raining, but disappointingly we couldn't find anything unusual despite getting out of the canoe and searching the area by foot, so congratulations to Ruth for all the cool birds she saw there, apparently later in the day. At Adobe Creek (accessible only by boat) we likewise failed to find anything of interest. At Rumsey Slough (accessible only by boat) we stumbled across five WILSON'S PHALAROPES, perhaps the same ones Ruth saw later at Kelsey Creek. At Manning Creek (accessible only by boat), where we had never previously seen more than a few shorebirds, we were surprised to see an AMERICAN AVOCET and two BLACK-NECKED STILTS (plus six other shorebird species). At Rodman Slough we saw a female BUFFLEHEAD.

      Floyd Hayes
      Angwin, CA


      Subject: Cool Lake County
      Tue Aug 5, 2014 8:08 pm (PDT) . Posted by:"ruth" bmdruthie

      Decided to take advantage of cool weather and bird Lake County. Had no
      idea where the mouth of Kelsey Creek was but headed to Clear Lake State
      Park to locate it. The Ranger didn't know; ran into some locals who
      guided me to an unmarked trial in the woods from the boat launch parking
      area. (beware of ticks and biting flies.)

      A local birder name Tess came with me and we finally came out of the
      reeds onto a clear peninsula next to the creek. It was full of birds.
      It was lightly raining. California Gulls, Caspian Terms, White
      Pelicans, Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets and several Green Herons too.
      Many swallows.

      There were 5 Wilson's Phalaropes, lots of peeps which Tess found a
      Semipalmated Sandpiper (I saw Jerry White's report that he had one there
      earlier) 2 Virginia' s Rails were walking on the lakeshore in the open.
      1 Black- bellied Plover still in mostly alternate plumage. Many Killdeer
      and Semipalmated Plovers - one of which had strange dark markings. Tess
      left before I found a Snowy Plover which was on the beach on the other
      side of the creek. No larger sandpipers.

      A young Chipping Sparrow was in the small trees there...and saw 2 young
      Common Yellowthroats later had a Black-thr Gray Warbler in the parking
      lot trees.

      Went to Rodman Slough after lunch. Many nesting Clark's and Western
      Grebes which is always cool to see. Drove into the mountains to the
      north of Clear Lake but it began to rain harder and thunder /lightening
      so I turned around.

      Gained 9 county birds! Very close to 300 ytd in Northern California.

      Ruth Rudesill