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6287Black-headed Grosbeaks on Oriole Feeder

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  • Dave Bengston
    Jul 30, 2014
      I have been watching young BH Grosbeaks sipping sugar water from an Oriole feeder several times today. I have seen them before, but I never paid much attention. I assumed that the Grosbeaks were eating the grape jelly because I thought that their beaks were too large to sip the sugar water, but today I studied them. They do indeed sip the sugar water. They spend more time on the oriole feeder than the Orioles do. Note - the Orioles prefer the hummingbird feeders and usually only go to the oriole feeder to get jelly.

      I have observed the Grosbeaks eating fruit from my trees, Loquat, Fig, and Plum, so I knew that they ate fruit, but did not know about the sugar water.

      Has anyone else observed Grosbeaks feeding on sugar water? Is this common?

      Dave Bengston
      Rogina Heights, Ukiah