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6278Blue Grosbeaks in Lake County

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  • Jerry White
    Jul 24, 2014
      Yesterday morning I found 2 BLUE GROSBEAKS (1adult male and 1 female) at Indian Valley Reservoir. Today in the early afternoon Dave Woodward and I went back out and found 2 females and 1 male at the same location. There could be more birds in the area? This is the second county record.
      The location in general is at the north end of the reservoir.
      Take Walker Ridge Road off of highway 20. Drive until the road ends at Bartlett Springs Road. Go left (west) for about 5 miles to where there is a sign: Boat Ramp (handwritten). Take this road out onto the dry lake bottom for about 1.9 miles. From here to about 2.2 miles is where the birds were seen the two days. It is a riparian area where a creek is flowing and there is a lot of weedy habitat.
      Another way is to take Bartlett Springs Road off of hiway 20 (between Nice and Lucerne) and find the above described sign.
      Note:  Walker Ridge Road is going to be closed to  the public on Saturday the 26th because of a racing event.
      Jerry White