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618Hooded Orioles

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  • chaniot@mail.pacific.net
    May 15, 2003
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      Thu, 15 May 2003 -- I went to the 501 Sherry location on a trip to Ukiah to
      look for Hooded Orioles. I parked across the street and watched the tree.
      It took about 20 seconds for the male to appear and about 90 seconds for
      the female. Very nice views.
      Then I went to the Pomo Drive location which I have been checking
      about once a week since late March without luck. After watching the palm
      tree for about 15 minutes, I saw a female Hooded visit the blossoms on the
      Bottlebrush at 805 Pomo Drive. She flew off to the south down Pomo Drive
      followed by a male Hooded. I never saw either in the palm tree. Later a
      male Bullock's visited the Bottlebrush too. I checked about six other
      fan-palms in the wider neighborhood, but never saw the orioles again.
      They're in the neighborhood, but where are they nesting?

      George Chaniot, Potter Valley

      Note: I have not been receiving Mendobirds messages since 12 May. Is anyone
      else (presumably reading this on the web) also having this difficulty?
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