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6128Orange-crowned Warbler

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  • mendobirder707
    Mar 23, 2014
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      Today, around 14:30, I spotted Orange-crowned Warblers at the Redwood Valley Outdoor Education Project. I saw some up in the oak trees by the entrance, and more along the wildflower trail in the grove of young live oaks down the hill. In addition, I had a lot of fun yesterday (3/22/14) at the beginners' walk at the Ukiah WTP, and with the help of some amazing mendobirders tallied 52 birds:

      Acorn woodpecker

      American Coot

      American crow

      American Goldfinch

      American Widgeon

      Anna's Hummingbird

      Black Phoebe

      Brewers Blackbird


      California Towhee

      Canada Goose

      Cliff Swallow

      Common yellowthroat

      Double-crested Cormorant

      Golden-crowned sparrow

      Great-blue heron

      Greater scaup

      Green-winged teal

      House finch


      Lesser Goldfinch

      Lincoln sparrow


      Marsh wren


      Northern Flicker

      Northern Mockingbird

      Northern rough-winged swallow

      Northern Shoveler

      Nuttals woodpecker

      Oak titmouse


      Pied-billed grebe


      Red-shouldered Hawk

      Red-tailed Hawk

      Red-winged Blackbird

      Ring-necked duck


      Rock dove

      Ruddy Duck

      Savannah Sparrow

      Song Sparrow

      Spotted towhee


      Tree swallow

      Turkey vulture

      Violet-green Swallow

      Western Bluebird

      White-crowned sparrow

      Wilsons Snipe


      Yellow-rumped warbler


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