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6085Lake County -- Tricolored Blackbirds (late report)

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  • katbirdca
    Feb 22, 2014
      Hey birders,
      This past Monday afternoon (2/17/14), I saw a mixed flock of "black birds", that contained a good number of Tricolored Blackbirds in Lake County, along Highland Springs Rd., near Highland Springs Reservoir.  After leaving the reservoir, I first saw them in the pasture next to the road, and after turning around and driving back and forth, saw the flock on both sides of the road, in the area of the mailboxes numbered 7179 and 7195.  I didn't stop long enough to count the different species, other than noticing there were some Eur. Starlings in the mix.  I understand that Tricolored have bred in this area in the past http://tricolor.ice.ucdavis.edu/
      I'm always surprised to see so few waterfowl at Highland Springs Reservoir.  The only bird of note was a drake Hooded Merganser on the shore opposite the picnic area.
      Good birding,
      Kathy Robertson
      Hayward, CA