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6068(LAKE) Burrowing Owl & Ferruginous Hawk

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  • Darlene Hecomovich
    Feb 13, 2014
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      Yesterday morning around 11 am Susanne Scholz and I birded Butt’s Canyon and Callayomi Roads outside of Middletown and saw the continuing Burrowing Owl and Ferruginous Hawk. The Owl was sitting on a small mound to the left of the ditch and in front of the white irrigation pipe in the area where it was first seen. There is a larger mound behind the smaller one that the Owl selected. The Ferruginous Hawk was atop one of the tall Eucalyptus Trees bordering the south side of Butts Canyon Road just to the right (East) of the point where Callayomi meets Butts Canyon.

      Darlene Hecomovich