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Red-necked Grebe & Nashville Warbler 1/28/14

  • Karen Havlena
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      14 January, 2014 -- This morning, I drove up to Hardy Rock again (Hwy 1, mm 83.30).  This has always been the best place for RED-NECKED GREBE for me.  I missed one a few days ago, but today there was a basic-plumaged bird out a little farther than usual, but with the scope I confirmed it.
      After lunch, I drove down to Fort Bragg and had the NASHVILLE WARBLER found yesterday by George Chaniot and Steve Stump.  The area was S Harold Street, Fort Bragg.  This bird was an adult, very bright.  I was lucky that it showed up and fed in an open tree.
      Karen Havlena
      Fort Bragg, MEN, Ca