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  • Robert Keiffer
    Sep 5, 2013
      5 September 2013 - I recently received my North American Birds issue (quarterly journal of ornithological record printed by the American Birding Association). This recent issue reports on the "Summer Period" of 2012 - June and July. It is volume 66: No.4, 2013. Mendocino County had a good showing (a dozen reports) in the Northern California section. Those 12 reported observations included: a late Hooded Merganser at Caspar Pond (REH), confirmed Ruddy Duck breeding at the UWTP (CEV), a late Red-necked Grebe at MacKerricher State Park (REH), a Manx Shearwater off of Ft. Bragg (the only one reported for the region) (COg, GEC), nesting reports of MEN's first known breeding colony of Double-crested Cormorants (REH), the first inland Pelagic Cormorant which was on Lake Mendocino (Cynthia de la Cruz), a stranded Brown Pelican at Round Valley - Covelo (Janet Heppler), The first confirmed nesting by Black-crowned Night Herons (Jack Booth), notable breeding of Common Gallinules near Ukiah (Mendocino Community College)(GEC), 3 adult American Plovers as documented and photographed by Angela Liebenberg, the largest flock (60+) ever reported of Wilson's Phalaropes in MEN at the UWTP (CEV,GEC,CWH,GeH), and an elusive Greater Roadrunner at the UC Hopland Research & Extension Center (Z.Kagley).

      Thanks to all who submit reports to either to Mendobirds or eBird ... as all records are important documentation as to the species occurrences, numbers, and location. The four "Northern California Regional Editors" select outstanding records from MEN county to compile with other Northern California County reports as they write the region's NAB report... and sometimes those "outstanding" records are not apparent until the entire region's records are reviewed. An example is the inland Covleo Brown Pelican report ..that combined with other numerous reports of inland emaciated birds made it clear to the editor that unprecedented numbers of Brown Pelicans, resulted from "boom" breeding successes in 2011 & 2012, and combined with poor near-coast prey fish, forced many of the birds inland and were found throughout the region at inland sites.

      I encourage all serious birders to subscribe to NAB. Good birding. Bob Keiffer rjkeiffer@...<mailto:rjkeiffer@...>

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