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5672White-winged Dove in Fort Bragg

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  • richhubie
    Jun 14, 2013
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      Friday June 14, 2013--While biking to or from my bus stop behind Denny's when doing my SOS Survey at Virgin Creek, I always stop and check the birds feeding on the ground at Holmes Fred Lumber. They put out feed in the morning (don't know the time) and it attracts lot's of bird mostly pigeons and blackbirds. I knew I would find something good eventually. Today at around 2:00PM I found a WHITE-WINGED DOVE. I believe this is the first Summer Record and the first one Ebirded. I view the feeding area from behind a wire fence on Holmes Ln. The pigeon flock flushed while I was there along with the dove. When the pigeons returned the dove didn't.

      Richard Hubacek
      Little River
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