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5596Shorebirds, Tricolored Blackbird & Purple Martins

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  • Karen Havlena
    Apr 23, 2013
      Tue, 23 Apr 2013 -- The tides have been right for shorebird activity both at Ten Mile River
      and at Virgin Creek beach. One MARBLED GODWIT and 12 DUNLIN were seen by Dorothy
      Tobkin at Virgin Creek.  Another DUNLIN was at Ten Mile River mouth seen by Karen and
      Jim Havlena.  There are also several other regular, shorebird species passing through at
      this time.
      Three pairs of PURPLE MARTIN were flying above Ten Mile River bridge Tuesday morning,
      seen by Karen Havlena.  Back at Ocean Meadows, a male TRICOLORED BLACKBIRD
      appeared at the kitchen window.  We haven't had one here on the coastal bench since late
      Dorothy Tobkin, Karen and Jim Havlena
      Fort Bragg area, MEN, California

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