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555misc 2/28 & 3/1

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  • Chuck & Barbara Vaughn
    Mar 1, 2003
      Greetings Mendobirders: Birding activity seems to have been picking up in
      the last few days. Yesterday in the am, Jennifer Potts and I were running
      her birding transects in the knob cone pines/brush on Cow Mountain just
      above Eagle Point Ranch. We saw 2 Violet-green Swallows, the first I've
      seen this spring, and some Red-breasted Nuthatches. Her work up there the
      last 18 months has pretty clearly demonstrated that the Nuthatches, as well
      as Hairy Woodpeckers, are resident in the thicker knob cone groves up
      there. Why can't we ever get them on our CBC? Late yesterday a male
      Rufous Hummingbird visited our feeders briefly at home, and then proceeded
      north like a red bullet. This am George Chaniot and I birded USTP, Lake
      Mendocino, and Potter Valley. At USTP we saw a Dunlin in basic
      plumage. There was a nice assortment of ducks, including a drake
      Canvasback. There were 3 Violet-green Swallows mixed in with the Tree
      Swallows. The Lake is pretty (VERY?) slow bird wise. We did see an adult
      Herring Gull at the south launch. George then showed me the American
      Dipper and the Mountain Bluebirds he has staked out in Potter Valley. The
      Bluebirds are a must see and George has provided good location details in
      previous posts. They are along Pine Avenue in the vicinity of the first
      big pullout on your right as you drive east.

      Good birding, Chuck


      Chuck and Barbara Vaughn
      1550 Deerwood Drive
      Ukiah, CA 95482