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5545Osprey "sky-dancing"

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  • AlbionWood
    Mar 25, 2013
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      24 March 2013 (Sunday) about 3:30 pm - From the Albion Farmer's Market I
      watched an Osprey doing the "sky-dance" display flight. It appeared to
      be over the south side of the river, from the campground west to the
      river mouth. Sky-dancing is described here:

      "Adult male Ospreys arrive at their nesting territories a few days
      before the female ospreys. Soon after his arrival, the male begins
      sky-dancing over the nest. During this aerial display, he flies sharply
      up rapidly beating his wings and often carrying a fish or nesting
      material. At a height of several hundred feet the bird hovers with tail
      fanned and talons dangling. He then dives down to varying distances and
      quickly ascends to repeat the hover several times, often uttering a
      creee or cheeerk call. The sky-dance display is performed frequently
      before the arrival of the female osprey, and continues less frequently
      after her arrival. "

      This one did not appear to be carrying anything, and I could not hear
      any calling, but otherwise the flight was exactly as described. When
      hovering, it looked almost like an enormous White-tailed Kite. Fun to

      Also visible from the same spot were a male Northern Harrier and a
      female(?) Red-Tailed Hawk, both hunting the pasture south of Albion
      Ridge Road, as they have been doing for several weeks. I did not see
      the Kestrel that has been hunting the same area all winter.

      Tim Bray