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5520White-throated Swift

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  • Robert Keiffer
    Mar 10, 2013
      10 March 2013 - Sunday - This morning at 09:45 AM Ryan Keiffer and I watched
      4White-throated Swifts soaring above Frog Woman Rock, which is the massviely

      basalt rock along the Russian River and Highway 101 ... about 4 miles south of
      Hopland. Also soaring above the rock were numerous violet-green swallows, and
      watched on two occasions a VGSW showing dominance over a swift by chasing it at
      close range. This is despite the WTSW having a slightly larger wingspan than

      swallows. It takes a bit of viewing to finally spot them, and they do their
      twittering chatter occasionally, but it sounds distant and you really have to be
      listening for it.

      The best viewing spot is on the west side of Highway 101, just south of the
      "bridge" that allows the Yorkville Soil to slide underneath Highway 101. This
      is the same stretch

      of Highway 101 that has one of the two north bound lanes closed ... so the
      pullout is just south of that area. The pullout has a pile of rip-rap type
      rocks stacked near it.

      Along the river numerous Tree, Violet-green, and a few Rough-winged Swallows,
      Yellow-rumped Warblers, Black Phoebe, and a Canada Goose up on the side of

      Frog Woman Rock. We did not look for the Peregrines at the nest site today
      ...but suspect they are incubating eggs right now and are probably difficult to
      see 'except at

      nest-exchange time or when the male brings food to the female. Good Birdng.
      Bob Keiffer.

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