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5496Re: Potter Valley Bridge Dipper Nest

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  • larosaco
    Feb 24, 2013
      --- In Mendobirds@yahoogroups.com, "jarlyus" <jimarm@...> wrote:
      > The last two times I stopped to observe the annual American Dipper nest under the old Potter Valley Road bridge near Highway 20, it has appeared abandoned.
      > There is a flap of material hanging over the entrance and a total of 20 minutes have not turned up any Dipper activity at the nest or along the river.
      > I hope I am wrong.
      > If anyone notices resumed activity, please let us know.
      > Jim Armstrong

      Hi Jim,
      Steve Stump and I saw two dippers this morning around 8:30, we saw the first one within a few minutes of arriving. One had a slightly darker head and seemed to be a bit bigger. I presume this larger one was the male. The male seemed to be keeping watch as the female gathered nesting materials, moss and some wet sticks. She made the point to dunk everything in the water a couple times before taking it to the nest. After watching them for a few minutes we saw them fly up under the bridge but not to the nest we were looking at. We were on the west side of the bridge and once we saw that the birds were not flying to the nest visible from that vantage point we went over to the east side of the bridge. Thats when we saw them in the new nest. Literally building it right before our eyes. Super cool sighting. I took a pic of the nest location which I will post with an arrow indicating where the nest is. Hope you find them on your next visit out. -Seth LaRosa
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