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5468FOS Allen's Hummingbird

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  • AlbionWood
    Feb 12, 2013
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      12 February 2013 (Tuesday) - Just saw my first Selasphorus Hummingbird
      of the season, a male Allen's contesting a feeder among the swarms of

      I've noticed a big drop in syrup consumption at the feeders, beginning
      about 3 weeks ago. At the end of last year, and well into January, we
      were going through more than 3 quarts of syrup each day; now it is down
      to a quart or so per day. (According to what I've read, 1 qt/d
      represents 100 individuals.) Mostly male Anna's with a few females; I
      surmise many of the females are now nesting.

      It is officially Spring in Albion!

      Tim Bray
      Middle Ridge, Albion