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5419Canvasbacks at Lake Pennyroyal

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  • Kate Marianchild
    Jan 16, 2013
      January 16, 2012, Lake Pennyroyal

      Ten male and four female canvasbacks were "tuling around" in the sunlit mists of Lake Pennyroyal this morning. Also about 10 ring-necks and 12 ruddies. Two male canvasbacks engaged in what appeared to be prolonged fighting, with much body contact, splashing, and dunking. One bout lasted for about a minute, I'd guess. Three canvasbacks have been here for about two weeks, joined by a few more a couple days ago, but this is the first time I've seen 14.
      I just found a great series of pictures of canvasbacks fighting and of one coming up with his head covered with mud, bill dripping mud, and eyes open.


      Last week I saw 20 wood ducks one afternoon��the most I've ever seen here at once.

      Pennyroyal is a large private pond NW of Ukiah.


      Kate Marianchild
      Nature Writer

      Currently writing Secrets of the Oak Woodlands,
      a book full of fascinating information about the plants
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      is to inspire Californians to preserve our native oaks
      and the myriad species that live in association with them.
      Oak habitats collectively support more diversity of life
      than any other terrestrial ecosystem in California. To be
      published by Heyday in spring of 2014.

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