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5394Potter Valley Notables

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  • Matt Brady
    Jan 1, 2013
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      Hello all. Back in Potter Valley for a short while, I've made a couple of notable bird observations over the past couple of days.

      First, the WHITE-CROWNED X GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW hybrid is back, for its third winter. As in the previous two years, it's hanging out with the Golden-crowned Sparrow flock that favors the seed feeders in my parent's backyard.

      Also notable were nine TUNDRA SWANS that flew low over the property this afternoon. This was a completely unexpected yard bird (my 99th). The swans flew towards the southeast, but a late afternoon check along Burris Lane failed to turn them up, so they may have kept going towards Lake County.

      While checking for the swans at the pond at the end of Burris Lane, I noted a LEWIS'S WOODPECKER and a young FERRUGINOUS HAWK. No sign of the burrowing Owl, but it may have been underground. In the vineyard across from the old barn with the Guineafowl and pigeons is a large pond that's hard to see; however, a careful check of it turned up about a dozen HOODED MERGANSERS.

      Another LEWIS'S WOODPECKER was on a friend's property along West Road a couple of days ago.

      Finally, my dad told me that we had a WILSON'S WARBLER hanging around for a few days earlier in December; it was apparently last seen on the 16th.

      Good birding,

      Matt Brady
      Potter Valley/Baton Rouge LA

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