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5320Evening Grosbeaks heard at Virgin Creek

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  • Dan Airola
    Nov 24, 2012
      Today while returning from a walk to Virgin Creek Beach at about 10:15 today
      (11/24), I clearly heard the low, musical, single note calls of at least 2
      Evening Grosbeaks. The birds flew over heading south. I heard 6-8 distinct
      calls. I searched for them as they went over, but was unable to locate them in
      the sunlight with bright water vapor in the air. They went over about 75 yd down
      the trail from Highway 1.

      I lived and worked around this species in the Sierra Nevada and Cascades for
      many years, so am very confident of the vocal i.d. This appears to be an
      invasion year for the species, with a number of records showing in up lowland
      areas of the Central Valley.

      It is quite a collection of waterfowl on the very small pond where Virgin Creek
      crosses the Haul Road, including 2 Pintails (1M,1F). The only shorebird I saw
      were Sanderlings and Killdeer. 200+ loons were moving south, but too far for me
      to identify.
      Dan Airola

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