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5315Orange-crowned Warbler

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  • Arthur Morley
    Nov 22, 2012
      During the recent few weeks I have seen a OCWA feeding at my hummingbird feeder, as I did through the previous winter season. I wonder if anyone else knows of this behavior. What about other warbler species?

      OCWAs are known to feed on flower nectar, so why not feeder syrup? Last winter, while the warbler was at the feeder, the dominant male Anna's seemed to tolerate the warbler, but perched within a foot of the feeder until the warbler was finished. This year both the male and female Anna's will approach the Orange-crown within 6" and they have a face-off. The warbler remains perched at the feeder until it finishes eating.

      Any other such observations?

      Art Morley, Fort Bragg.

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