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5290Probable Common Moorhen at Caspar Pond

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  • AlbionWood
    Nov 3 8:36 PM
      Saturday 3 November 2012 - While I was looking over the Coots,
      Ring-Necked Ducks, and Pied-Billed Grebe on the Caspar Pond, a smaller
      rail-like bird briefly swan out of the vegetation on the far shore,
      close to the buoy, then disappeared back into the dense greenery. I had
      a pretty good if brief view of it through 12x bins and am 90% sure it
      was a juvenile Common Moorhen. I got the scope out and waited, but of
      course it never re-appeared.

      At Van Damme there was a lone Brant preening in the kelp.

      We looked for the Larkspurs but no luck.

      Tim Bray