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  • Tony Kurz
    Oct 9, 2012
      Hey everyone the day before the pelagic I did some birding in and around Fort Bragg and came up with a few good birds.

      These reports are from north to south.
      First at the Westport KOA campground I had a MERLIN chasing a large flock of Pine Siskin. Then I stopped by the Rose Memorial Park (cemetary) in Fort Bragg and picked up the PYGMY NUTHATCHES as soon as I stepped out of my vehicle. I focused my birding on willow patches right on the coast at this point looking for vagrants. My next stop was at Jug Handle State Reserve and the only bird to note here was 6 EVENING GROSBEAK flying over fairly low going north. Since light wasn't really on my side at this point while headed south to Ron LeValley's home I decided to check out the town of Mendocino. I found some willows that had dropped all their leaves at the corner of Lansing ave and Main st. I parked right at the corner and noticed a pathway that heads south down the hill for only like 25 m and bumps up to the willows I mentioned. There is also a church just down main street directly to the east. Well, I heard Yellow-rumps which is a good sign, so I began to pssh, and after about 10 minutes out pops a CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLER!! "Finally a vagrant" was my thinking. It looked to be a female with no chestnut on the sides. The group of yellow-rumps was rather large and there was also one YELLOW WARBLER in the flock.

      Those were the best birds I could come up with. It was certainly nice though to have some time to explore a little on the Mendo coast which made the day very enjoyable.

      Good Birding everyone,

      Tony Kurz