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5229mountain ash trees have berries now

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  • Carol Furey
    Sep 29, 2012
      Found locally as backyard trees, the fall-ripening red berries of the mountain ash (also called rowan) attract birds. Spotted a small group of yellow chested flycatchers with fluffy crown, no eye ring, busily harvesting the berries, then quickly moving on. The black phoebes are taking over for the departed swallows here just east of Fort Bragg. Also noted a few chickadees and sparrows beggining to arrive. On Mon. 24 Sept. saw 8-10 turkey vultures circling high over Cypress St. and Hwy 1 in FB, late afternoon.
      Jetstream info, anyone? Found this last winter doing research on that low-level jetstream that was whistling through. Maps updated every 6 hours.

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