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5150Live Webcam of Nesting Western Grebes

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  • Floyd Hayes
    Aug 4 3:11 PM
      I've been informed by Marilyn Waits, president of the Redbud Audubon Society, that a live webcam of a Western Grebe colony at Corinthian Bay, Clear Lake, is finally online at:


      Click on the link and then double click inside the video to get a full screen. I'm not sure why the camera is zoomed out instead of zoomed in on a nest, as it was I and a couple of students helped Marilyn set it up on Tuesday. Tomorrow we'll be out there to zoom in on a nest. This is only the second time a live webcam has been posted of a nesting Western Grebe. Last year we got one up and running for only a couple of days before the colony was abandoned.

      Floyd Hayes
      Hidden Valley Lake, CA