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  • Lisa Walker (Feather)
    Jun 3, 2012
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      yikes.... this late in the evening it's a bit too much for me... so I will simply refer to each type as northerly movement or southerly movement instead of spring and fall migrations anymore.... :) Easier for me that way

      For me, spring will always be the time of year when birds are busy rearing their young (with few exceptions that actually start in winter).....

      Summer will always be the time of year when birds are teaching their young how to fend for themselves

      Fall will always mark the plumage changes and then the move south'

      Winter will always mark the over-wintering bird arrivals and the beginning of the move north :)

      And for me, winter is Dec thru Mar, Spring is Mar thru June, Summer is June through Sep and fall is Sep through Dec. See? I always over complicate things. LOL

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      The birding "seasons" for Mendocino County don't following a calendar year, but are set so as to encompass the cycle of migration and nesting. Seasons are set by the American Birding Association and are as follows:

      Winter: December through February

      Spring: March through May

      Summer: June through July

      Fall: August through November

      These "seasons" are somewhat arbitrary of course, but one has to draw the line somewhere. Think of it like our rainfall calendar which sets the "new year" at July 1.

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