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503Re: [Mendobirds] Reported Black-capped Chickadee - 1/1/03

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  • Feather Forestwalker
    Jan 3, 2003
      Why would Van Damme be an odd location? Van Damme is mostly riparian
      woodlands and does contain alder stands in places. . .

      John Sterling wrote:

      >This would be a great record, but I would expect a wandering BCCH to be found in riparian willows/alders in the northernmost part of the county. Seems like an odd location to me, but not impossible.
      >Interesting to note that BCCHs have been expanding their range south along the California coast for the past 20 years. They use to be rare in the Humboldt Bay region, now they are the dominant chickadee in riparian areas there. They have also colonized the Eel River bottoms within the past 20 years. The slow march south may take them eventually to the Mattole River and then a big leap to Mendocino!!

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