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477Point Arena holiday birds

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  • Robert Keiffer
    Dec 1 6:04 PM
      28 Nov 2002 - Thursday (Happy Thanksgiving) The Greater Sandhill Crane could still be found at the Garcia Flats. No sign of the earlier reported Lesser Sandhill Crane. Two Rough-legged Hawks were in the area ...one in the flats itself. One Ferruginous Hawk also in the flats. Hundreds of Killdeer in the plowed field .... worth scoping for those with good scopes for possible Golden Plovers.
      "AL" the Laysan Albatross was in Point Arena Cove at noon but was not there early in the morning. Two Willets were in the rocks north of the pier.

      30 Nov 2002 - 20 Canada Geese (B.c.moffitti) were in the Garcia Flats along with a Greater White-fronted Goose and a Snow Goose. The Sandhill Crane was nearby also. From a high vantage point at Irish Beach I scoped the offshore and, out of curiosity, counted the Pacific Loons heading south in an almost constant stream. In five minutes I counted 560 pacific Loons flying by. These flights were constant over the entire holiday, morning and afternoon. Question is...what is pushing them south in such force? Also, NO Tundra Swans anywhere in sight yet around the Garcia Flats. However, I hear that they are in the upper Scaramento Valley by the tens-of-thousands. It might be that the wintering population normal to the Garcia Flats won't get here until there is another storm event.

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