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4562Covelo release GOEA - volunteers?

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  • Robert Keiffer
    Aug 5, 2011
      5 August 2011 - I was contacted by Ms. Carla McPherson of Round Valley (Covelo). Apparently a too-soon-to-be- fledged Golden Eagle ended up at the M&M feed store in Round Valley some time ago. The Marin Raptor Center has cared for the bird ever since. They said that when received the bird still had blood in the developing feathers thus telling them that the bird was not ready for flight yet. Now that the bird has been "fattened up" and the feathers are developed they are hoping that it can be released back to the parent golden eagle's territory.

      Carla is looking for volunteers to help her locate the pair of eagles. She has some ideas as to where to look, but would appreciate assistance from a knowledgeable birder. If any of you are interested in helping please contact her at 983-6368. Or if you by chance know of a Golden Eagle nest in the area please let her know. The bird will probably be brought back to Covelo in a week or so.

      The alternative to releasing the bird back to the parents is to have a falconer train the bird how to hunt ... about a 1.5 year process.

      Posted for Carla McPherson by Bob Keiffer. Good birding!

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