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4465Redbreasted Mergansers, Harlequin Duck at Navarro and Bird Training this weekend

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  • stewardscoord
    Apr 15, 2011
      Happy Spring to all,

      On Thursday afternoon, (~3pm) there were 4 Red-breasted Mergansers (two males and two females,) a Harlequin Duck (female,) a Western Grebe, 3 Canada Geese, a Mallard, a Double-crested Cormorant, a Belted Kingfisher and about 12 Surf Scoters on the lower Navarro River (about 0.3 miles above the ocean.) No sign of the Common Goldeneyes and Buffleheads that were a staple on the lower Navarro this winter.

      Additionally, I had my FOS Vaux's Swift Thursday at about 10:30 am about 4.5 miles up Little River-Airport Road.

      A good opprotunity to refresh those Spring birding skills will take place this weekend (April 16th &17th) as Ron LeValley shares his amazing bird photos and audio recordings during the annual Big River Spring Bird Survey Training.

      On Saturday, the classroom part of the training will take place at the Stanford Inn from noon to 4pm. On Sunday, we'll meet at Big River Beach near the boat launch ramp at 7am for field practice.

      Matt Coleman, Little River