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446Yellow Variant House Finch Question

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  • Feather Forestwalker
    Oct 30, 2002
      Can someone tell me the actual reason why some House Finches display not
      only the orange variant plumage, but yellow, as well? (See link for a
      photo of a yellow variant:
      http://nature.gardenweb.com/forums/bird/msg1021500115759.jpg )

      We are discussing the possible reasons on Nature Net's Bird Watching
      Forum ( http://nature.gardenweb.com/forums/bird ) and they are running
      the gamut from nutritional deficiencies to the age factor. Somehow, I
      remember Penny Seaman telling me that George Chaniot or one of the other
      ornithologists in this group had read the actual reason, and I would
      like to know.

      Thanks in Advance,


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