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4353Glaucous Gull

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  • birdmanofthewoods
    Feb 22, 2011
      I would rate my gull identification skills as mediocre at best, but if you want to see a sub-adult glaucous gull, it is pretty obvious at McKerricker parking lot. Good spotting by Toby. I completely mis-identificed the bird when I first saw it a couple of days back as a weird glaucous-winged gull as it seems to be mixed in with all the glaucous-winged gulls out there at the moment.

      Anyway, if you feel a need to stare at gulls for a minute or two, the glaucous gull is hanging along the shore at the Laguna Point parking lot. Look for the really BIG gull. Even I could pick it out. Thanks Toby.

      Also seen: single juvinile male white winged scoter that is also hard to miss and has been hanging around McKerricker.

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