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  • Justin Ward
    Mar 29, 2001
      Howdy Mendo birders
      Yesterday (3/28/01) I saw a Long billed Curlew and a Red-necked
      Grebe at the mouth of Inglenook creek on Ten-mile beach. It was about
      08:30 and the Curlew just sat there for a moment before flying North
      calling. The Red-necked Grebe was actively diving just behind the
      Both Pigeon Guillemot and Caspian Tern were seen at numerous
      locations this week on the coast.
      Just a quick side note, today I saw 15 Osprey swarming the mouth of
      the Russian river in Sonoma County. There was also a huge group of over
      100 Cormorants (DCCO & PECO), 25 Loons (RTLO, COLO), 25+ Caspian terns
      and hundreds of Gulls feeding in the same location.
      Thats all for now, Good Luck and Good Birding.
      Justin Ward