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4194Gray Jays

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  • AlbionWood
    Dec 14, 2010
      14 December 2010 (Tuesday) - A small flock of GRAY JAYS just appeared in
      the tops of the redwoods on my property. I counted six, though there
      may have been others. They hung around for a few minutes, then wandered
      off to the north and east.

      This is near the west end of Middle Ridge in Albion (between the forks
      of Salmon Creek), on the crest of the ridge at about 400 feet MSL. We
      have seen Gray Jays here several times, usually around this time of
      year, but never for very long. I always wonder whether these are from
      the Little River population, the Cameron Road population, or another
      group altogether.

      Tim Bray
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