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4187Binocular Revolution

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  • Rick Harris
    Dec 10, 2010
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      I just had to pass this along. Apparently, unknownst to me there has been a quiet revolution in binocular design and quality in the last year or so. It is now possible to get near Zeiss/Leica quality for a fraction of the cost. I think this is mainly due to intense compettion going on in the industry and advances in lens coatings. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology received over a 100 pounds(!) of binoculars to review this year. Thems a lot of binoculars.

      I do not sell binoculars and I have no dog in this fight and I'm not a gear-head particularly, but I thought I would pass along a recommendation. I bought a pair of Nikon Monarch ATB 8 x 42 binoculars that just blow me away. A real eye opener for sure. They can be had for about $250-300 bucks and are a steal in my opinion. Check em out. Below is this year's review for binoculars at Cornell Lab.