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4080tagged Turkey Vultures

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  • Robert J. Keiffer
    Oct 21, 2010
      15-16 October 2010 - Last weekend two tagged TURKEY VULTURES were reported
      to me. Helen Menasian reported TUVU # 68 from Redwood Valley near the RVOEP
      (10/15) and Monte LaDelle reported (10/16) that TUVU #79 has been hanging
      around their home just east of "Old Hopland" along Hwy 175. It has also
      been reported to me that another is in the Robinson Creek drainage but the
      number is unknown at this time. These are all TUVU's with large round white
      patagial (on the wing) tags with large black numbers on them. The numbers
      are fairly easy to read with binoculars either in flight or perched.

      These are all birds that were tagged at the UC-Hopland Research & Extension
      Center in the late summer of 2008 as part of a state-wide study on heavy
      metals in avian scavengers (TUVUs, ravens, and golden eagles).

      Keep in mind that recent TUVU patagial tagging has taken place on the Hoopa
      Tribe lands in the Humboldt/Del Norte region .but these tags are yellow in

      Please notify me of any tagged TUVUs observed and I will forward the
      sighting to the appropriate researchers. Good birding! Bob Keiffer

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