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3985Lake Cleone Birds

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  • fred.andrews47
    Aug 23, 2010
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      Morning of August 23, 2010. Clear skies, no wind. 13 American Avocets flying over the lake and out to the ocean. Chestnut-backed chickadees, House Finches, Steller's Jays, Anna's Hummingbirds (male and female), Song Sparrows, Wrentit, Mallards, Osprey, 4 Pied-billed Grebes, male Beleted Kingfisher, Black Phoebe, Western Gulls, Brewer's Blackbirds, male and female American Goldfinch, Marsh Wrens, Great Blue Heron, immature Double-crested Cormorant, Mourning Doves, Commone Ravens, Bushtits, Acorn Woodpeckers (males and females).

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